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Dead Girl Speaking: Interview With Comatose Red Ivy

A more interesting and enigmatic person, you may be hard pressed to find…Comatose Red Ivy is a freestyle rap artist/producer who is keeping things VERY real. I could talk more about their unusual story, but it wouldn’t do it justice. It’s one of the most unlikely, intriguing, heartbreaking stories that one could ever imagine. On their new album release, “The Joker,” Ivy discloses some of the feelings of rage and betrayal felt after what can only be described as an attempt on their life. Now, back from “the dead,” Ivy is naming names as to who is responsible for their pain and anguish. Take it away, Ivy….

Hey Comatose Red Ivy…good to hear from you again. Last we talked, you were telling us about some of the trials and tribulations you’ve been thru. Now, you have just released The Joker, a collection of tunes and raps that seem very personal to you. Can you tell us about the project?
The project is a reflection of being a victim to serial killer and madman nicknamed Danger Dad that pursued me solely to torture me hold me hostage with Synthetic love while staging a murder that looked like drug overdose. Also assessing situations of other peoples lives and how his evil has made me strong, strong enough to carry a gun 24-7 and if he comes for me, I will put it through his skull. Very personal, I was chill cool girl before they took my life, now I’m angry and homicidal (only toward him and his phaggot friends).

On “Joker Is Out Part 2 (Shooter Unmasked)” you talk about a video coming up, at the end. What video are you rapping about? And who is Kareem?
Kareem is Danger Dad, my ex not boyfriend AKA my murderer. We have this weird kinetic energy, he wants me to die slowly and miserable and I being Star Lover want him to love me or kill me, no in between. He cares just enough about me to not be able to kill me himself. He sent a shooter, i shot the shooter, I’ve taken out all his attacks but told him if he killed me romantically I’d let him. The video spoke of is the actual footage of my murder I hide from police to protect Danger Dad.

Why do you connect with a character like The Joker?
The Joker is a severely hurt and deranged character but still in many ways connected to society and people enough to be able to care about things or people he/we so choose to care about. Also, I was the Krazy Tranny Klown but then Danger Dad, turned my craziness up a notch when I woke up dead, I realized then it was time to get Serious, real Fnnn SERIOUS, so turned my persona and rhymes into Joker theme, makes for some hard bars in a song too. Plus the background of Joker has so many variables to use in rhymes too, oh and I was displaced I considered myself the Wild Card, as I shuffled the deck and made moves under his nose, I realized I was reshuffling the deck of cards that was our lives, and Gee wee, the Wild card TURNED INTO THE JOKER AND NOW IT GETS REAL SERIOUS!! I can be ultra violent and plotful even though I’m a submissive little tranny bytch, strum my psyche and I get wild ya see.

On a technical side, how do you record your songs? Any particular equipment you recommend?
I record my songs in my bed, my car, on walks or my favorite place, my bathtub, no not bathing, grab some pillows and blankets and waalaa, I’ve recorded for days before in the tub. Just my thing, I like to record in the bathtub, my whole country album “WillowTree Lashings was Recorded in the bathtub. I’m cutting a 75 track EP all diss tracks all recorded in my tub. The first Joker was recorded in my Bed on meth, lol. I use that Scarlett red interface and Shure sm58 microphone and my iPhone or Macbook Pro. Don’t have to have a studio to cut tracks anymore. I have an LLC, Comatose Studios it just an entity to represent my artist.

Hip-A-Skitch (The Plan)” has a different sound to the voice. Is that another character rapping, or is that a different side to you? Or the Joker?
Well all my tracks have a different voice, they’re all unique to themselves and Hip-A-Skitch is a song not in the series of Joker, I put it on the playlist because Hip-A-Skitch is actually a walkthrough taking the listener on the journey of my imminent death as it plays out. One of the 3 killers gave me that title for a song because I do songs for people with random words, so there’s his song, lol.

Thanks for taking the time! Any final thoughts you’d like to share with the readers?
Live On, Dream On, Move On, Love on, Love Love, Love the Love U Have, I’m Comatose Red Ivy I’m wild ya see my psyche my psyche hurts me, take me seriously and never be me, runnn away from me but learn from the pain you see in me hear from me. Love the Love you have! It was love that killed me, I miss me, Love y’all!



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