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IndiePulse Interviews: DJ X TECH

We talk with On Air Personality DJ X TECH about the launch of Tampa Bay’s Pulse Radio

Tampa Bay Pulse Radio offers an eclectic mix of genres that allows you to experience new music along side of your personal favorite artists

As Interviewed by Joseph Timmons; IndiePulse Music Magazine Journalist

For a little more than a year now, the COVID 19 pandemic has radically changed how we do things in this country, and in many other places as well. The national concern for the public’s health and well being has seen many businesses severely hampered, and none more, in my opinion has been the arts and the music scene. Theatres closed and clubs shuttered, many artists took to expanding their online presence, and marketing themselves to fans, both old and new in many ingenious ways. Since America is a true capitalist society, by both need and nature. Many of these new methods came with high price tags.

But, there have been some that are looking to change this, by opening online venue methodologies, new media services, alternative streaming applications and the resurgence of Online Radio, hosted by people that look to bring back music to the masses with substance and originality.  This new media mentality, supported by the Indie music scene artists & record labels, have really helped to keep the music we love alive.

IndiePulse music found one new media agent in the mix, a man calling himself DJ X TECH, whom through both personal need and real necessity saw a chance to make a positive difference in the way we hear the music of artists old and new, with an imaginative flair that can entertain and enlighten, with the addition of interviews and new media journalism, DJ X TECH is making a name for himself and what he is doing.

His station, Tampa Bay Pulse Radio offers an eclectic mix of genres that allows you to experience new music along side of your personal favorite artists, the station is doing quite well and DJ X TECH is presently expanding to do more to support music.

His timing could not have been better, now with the world “opening back up” and the music scenes coming back into play, he sits at the forefront and is poised to be a leading voice in the new music scene’s redemption.

We go now to our interview with DJ X TECH about his beginnings and where he plans to take us all to the next level

IPM:    DJ X TECH, Thank you for sitting with us for this interview, after finding out about you and what you are doing, I really wanted to get your story on our magazine’s website and share it with our readers. I think I would like to begin by asking exactly when you first decided to create Tampa Bay Pulse Radio.

First off, I want to say thank you for the interview. I am both, excited and, humbled.

January of 2021, I received news that I would need surgery because I completely blew out a disc in my neck. Before I actually received the order to get an MRI from my doctor, I owned a construction company. I had severe pain in my arms that basically radiated across the top of my shoulders and, down my lower back. My hands were often completely numb and it got so bad that I was only sleeping about an hour per night and, I couldn’t even write anymore without at least some level of discomfort.

When the results of the MRI came back and, I had the first meeting with my doctor… He told me that I could no longer work construction again. Because of the disc issues, my vertebrae were putting pressure on nerves and, the remnants of the disc were putting pressure on my spinal cord. We scheduled the surgery for late February but, I completely had to dissolve my construction business in the process because I knew that for the first year after surgery I would have a 15 pound lifting limit, and… I don’t remember for the life of me what the lifting limit is after the recovery process but, it’s not like I can go and hit the gym again or anything like that.

Receiving news like that was… well, a bit heartbreaking for lack of a better word. I had never had surgery before. I didn’t know or fully understand what to expect afterwards. I didn’t know to what degree it would actually help with the pain. I was completely lost for a bit of time with that news.

I have always been into music though and, when I sat down and ultimately started thinking about the recovery process, I decided that I would work more on my music career. That was without realizing how much things had changed in the music business since I last released an album.

So basically the later portion of January up until late February I was really just kind of pushing my own music and brand basically. Once the surgery was completed, everything really hit home then. I was in a neck brace 24/7, I couldn’t have solid food as the entry point was from the front of my neck and the surgical team had to move all the tissue and muscles as well as my throat to reach the spine. My wife had to do literally everything for me. It was a task really just to do something as simple as take a shower. Well… I had a lot of time to think. My sleeping schedule was all sorts of “wacky” from the medication to just general discomfort.

At this time in the process, I was listening to a lot of music. I would often stay up to 5,6,7 am with the headphones on just listening to new stuff on this site called slaps.com . There were a ton of artists on there that I thought were really good. There are some very talented people out there creating amazing music. I started to think about doing a podcast which would showcase artists of different genres in a variety type episode. I’m a fan of all types of music and I do not limit my boundaries by just rock, or just hip hop… I really enjoy it all. So, I began networking with some musicians on there and on Facebook groups looking for music to feature and, the response was amazing. Music submissions started coming in on a regular basis, I was just about finished with the podcast website when, the opportunity came along to get a radio station. I hopped on that with no hesitation at all really. That night I applied with the State of Florida for the new business which is, Pulse Media LLC now. That was the birth of Tampa Bay’s Pulse Radio right there.

IPM:    How did you start, and what were some of the hurdles you had to overcome?

The biggest hurdle of course is still, trying to really get the word out there to the masses. I’m not a marketing guru by any stretch of the imagination. My advertising experience is limited to what I know of Facebook, Google ads and, what I learned on YouTube to be honest. My main thing from day one was that I want this thing to grow organically. I don’t pay for streams, I don’t pay for follows, and I don’t pay for traffic. I really wanted to see if this is something that can progress on its own naturally with just simple advertising. The other hurdle at the moment is, I am 100% doing this by myself. From answering emails, to updating the websites, interviews, show, editing, everything… That’s 100% me. It’s a bit taxing at times but, the support that I’m getting from the musicians just, loving every moment of this is awesome. Fantastic support on IG for example, people making some dancing videos and sketches and reposting… Just massive love going on there and I thank everybody for it!

IPM:    On your website, www.pulseradiotampabay.com  you have some great interviews and moments you have shared with your readers and followers, what are some of the things you look for when selecting artists to interview?

I don’t really have selection criteria in place for this per-se. I always ask the musicians to provide as much information on themselves as possible when submitting music so, I know a bit about them and I am able to promote them a bit more thoroughly. Some just submit an mp3 with just a hello and here’s my music, while others include really every single link to their music or profiles and bios. The more information that I have, of course, gets me more engaged with who the artist is and, if their music is great as well then, that makes me want to know even more about them at which point I’ll shoot an interview out to them.

IPM:     How has the response been on your YouTube videos?

This is still relatively new. There were a good amount of artists that had asked for interviews. YouTube seemed like not only the next logical step but, it really puts a face behind the music too. I love doing as much promotion for the artists that I can and, having this little sit-down formula with them not only provides insight into themselves but, also information to the next artist that may watch that doesn’t really know where to start in getting the word out about their music. So far the videos are getting a lot of love. People seem to be into it and, again, the more information I can put out there on the artists, the better so, I’m really glad that I started down this path.

IPM:       Some of the features I personally like are the Forum, the 1’s and 2’s Podcasts and your Artist of the Week entries, you mentioned expansion, where do you plan to go from this humble yet awesome beginning?

I think the next logical expansion will be Pulse Radio London. A lot of submissions come from the U.K. – if you look at like 50% of submissions come from all over Europe, Canada and, The U.S. then, the other 50% are coming from the U.K.. The show seems to be brightening up there nicely. There have even been some musicians that have expressed an interest in their own DJ spot there and… One musician in particular that I’ve been vibing well pretty nicely even threw out an idea for a show that we could possibly to together from different regions of the world. You have to love the internet for that. Being 5,000 – 6,000 miles apart and still be able to vibe with someone is awesome.

IPM:       What are some of the social media projects that have helped expand your reach, other than Facebook, where are you followed most?

Instagram seems to be the one that picks up the most speed. I thought Facebook would be the one to actually generate more of a following but, it’s been Instagram. I started off the social media accounts at 0. 0 followers, 0 likes, 0 comments… everything at 0 because I wanted everything to be fresh at launch and see where the bigger followings would be landing and, that title definitely belongs to Instagram.

IPM:       Are there any music genres you specifically look for, or do you consider all music in your scope of interest?

All of it, I initially thought there would be more hip hop submissions than any other type of music. Rock and Alternative have actually been the biggest as far as submissions go but… No, I don’t stick to one genre; I want everybody to have a chance to be heard. One of the things I say to all the new people that tune into the show is, stay on for the whole thing. You’ll hear some rock, some electronic, some country, some hip hop… You never know what you’re going to hear that you’ll like. The only criteria that exists for music submissions to me is that you cannot have and direct racism. Each culture has their own appropriation for vocabulary that is ok to use and I respect your freedom of speech but, if it’s just malicious hate, no, there’s no room for that with me and frankly no room for that in the world. The second is you cannot be mainstream, I’m not hating on the mainstream artists by any means but, They have all the backing and exposure they could ask for. This is for the indie artists so they too, have that possibility of getting some recognition.

IPM:       You have an incredible and eclectic mix of music to listen to on your Online / On Air programming, are there any artists that you feel are trending, or have really set the music scene on a forward motion?

As with anything else really, yes, there are some artists that are gaining a bit more of a following rather than others. It’s not to say that any of the music is bad or anything negative about it. It’s just the natural flow of things. Some musicians just have that automatic appeal to them. It really doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re on the top of their game either it’s just that magnetism factor that some people naturally possess.

I would think many people don’t consider the Radio scene to be strongly affected by the recent Pandemic, but we all have seen the way it really slammed the music performance scenes globally, not just in the USA. 

IPM:   How can artists reach you to see if you can help them like you have helped so many other artists looking for airplay?

https://www.pulseradiotampabay.com or https://www.djxtech12.com – Both of the websites have contact forms on them and that’s going to be the easiest way to get in touch so we can move forward. In addition to the contact forms, there are also social media links to my accounts as well.

IPM:   What are your closing thoughts / comments you wish to share with our readers?

I really just want to thank everyone for reading this article. I want to thank you very much for the interview. Have to give a few shout-outs…to my wife, Amy and my Daughters Elise, and Alyssa. My Mom, My Stepdad, Chris. Friends and family close to home and overseas as well.

A shout out to Dr. Ali Zahrai and his staff, the entire surgical staff at Largo Medical Center, I want to thank you for the quality of life improvement.

Finally, to all the musicians out there, Keep doing what you’re doing, Follow your dreams!

Visit www.pulseradiotampabay.com and get in on what’s being seen as the best new online programming on your internet dial!

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