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4 marketing tips to use right now

Internet marketing is changing rapidly. Lockdown has changed many things. Today we will share with you the latest marketing tips in 2021.

Marketing automation

The customer journey to purchase has many touch points with the brand. However, his journey can take place with varying degrees of intensity and with the use of several devices. The wider the target audience of consumers, the more difficult it is for a company to track interactions, analyze and make adjustments in a timely manner. 

One of the key trends in digital promotion today is to reduce the amount of manual work that a marketer can do to set up ads, reduce the time spent on this work, and thus achieve a super-personalized experience for users in promotion campaigns. Automation is the main tool for digital marketing strategies, as it ensures that the company responds quickly to audience interest and maximizes the individualization of the proposal. 

Video is the key type of content

The video format offers the ability to exchange large amounts of content with users in a short amount of time. Moreover, such communication has a relaxed, attractive and dynamic character. It is much easier and preferable for a person in a congested information space to watch a short video than to read, even if not a very long, textual description. Not only video content but streaming is also another trend. If you understand how to buy Twitch followers and have more impact on the community, then your marketing campaign wins in 2021. Twitch is the biggest video streaming system, so you should focus more on it.

Social networks willingly support this format, giving it preference over other types of content. Moreover, in 2020, many users have become so accustomed to this form of communication, watching a huge number of live broadcasts, videoconferences, online courses, video stories, etc., that they are unlikely to want to give it up in the future. 

Virtual events

Online events became popular in 2020 out of necessity, but obviously they’re not going anywhere in 2021 and beyond. The point is not only that restrictions due to the threat of a pandemic persist. This format of events is attractive due to the expansion of the audience, accessibility for users regardless of location and its economic profitability. 

In the virtual space, you do not need visas, tickets, hotel reservations, it is not so important whether the borders are open for travel or not. For the audience and companies, this means a lower cost of participation with no restrictions on the number of participants. This provides a huge potential for content exchange and an impetus for the emergence and development of new ideas. So, in 2021, virtual events will continue to remain a relevant and popular format for interacting with a wide range of clients.

Optimization (SEO) for voice search

Voice search is a new challenge for traditional SEO. Various devices and applications focused on voice control provoke users to speak rather than type their search queries. In this case, the results are often displayed differently from regular text searches. As this trend grows, companies need to start looking at optimizing their content for voice queries. The first step in this direction is to create content that has a more conversational style that matches the way consumers speak their questions.



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