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Angel And Co “Eat The Sun”

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Upbeat indie rock music with pop inflections is some of the cheeriest music around, and Angel and Co’s latest single, “Eat The Sun,” is a brand new addition to the genre this year. It’s a soft love song about appreciating those you have and showering them with affection while you still have them. It’s a solid choice for an upbeat song like this, but how does it sound? Read on to find out.

Angel and Co have been making solid indie pop-rock for a while now, with their previous singles, “Can I Get a Witness” and “No Real Men,” being warmly received by casual listeners and critics alike. “Eat The Sun” follows in the track of the singles that came before it, showcasing the band’s distinct style.

Lyrically, the song is incredibly sweet and passionate. The lead vocal performance is soft and loving, allowing the single to be imbued with emotion from the very first line. Most of the song is made up of sweet nothings and hyperbole, but that’s typical of love songs like these. What enhances them however is the grounded, genuine delivery that lets the song soar.

Instrumentally, the song is brisk, light, and clean, though that’s not to say it’s simple. As we’ve mentioned, it maintains a fairly upbeat rhythm all throughout, and it pairs this with a lot of small flourishes. Little harp notes and bell chimes build up a rich soundscape, along with the catchy hooks.

There’s also the way the song slowly builds up to its eventual climax. It’s very gradual, and it takes its time adding small complexities that make it grander with every section. After all the setup, it eventually culminates with a huge climax, giving the song the opportunity to soar before it allows things to stay grounded for a bit. It’s a great and very memorable moment.

In terms of production, the single is solid. Instrument separation is on point, and the arrangements aren’t too busy or too simple at any given time. A great job is done balancing all the different moving parts that make the tune work, impressive stuff.

Overall, “Eat The Sun” is a great single from the fledgling band. We can’t wait to hear more from them in the future, especially with their upcoming EP in the works. If it lives up to the quality they’ve shown here, then we’re in for a real treat when it releases.

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