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The Curse of KK Hammond Transports Us to Another Universe on “In The Dirty South”

(out on March 31st)

                A mysterious spry sense of storytelling rests right at the heart of the Curse of KK Hammond’s “In The Dirty South.” The blues, psychedelic rock, and country blend into this bewildering world. Her lyricism goes right for the weird. Faith, the concept of good and evil, everything here has shadows over it. Full of demented energy, the slide guitar has an infused threat. Her voice has a sweetness that underpins the scandalous nature of the verses. Cascading downwards, the whole thing washes over the listener. The bleary aspect of the rhythm makes sure to sell further this idea of the unexpected, of scenes of sin, seduction, and general drunkenness. Yet, for all of this, it has a dark sense of humor that feels pitch-perfect.

                The introduction sets the tone for the series of bleak vignettes than pop up throughout. Everything here rules. From the instrumentation that pays close attention to the narratives of pure sin to the melody, it all has this eerie aura. Best of all, her voice ties it together, for she weaves a rather captivating tapestry that feels doubly refreshing. Completely sidestepping trends, she goes for a classic, timeless take from the first to the final moments. Her approach is unique, with more in common with deep cuts from decades ago.

                “In The Dirty South” shows off the Curse of KK Hammond in presenting a genuinely bizarre, weird, and fantastic aural universe.



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