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Eduardo’s New Studio Album “Cruising a Melody” 

Eduardo’s new studio album Cruising a Melody faced some roadblocks in its journey, namely the COVID-19 pandemic delaying him from finishing the record, but the nine-song collection has finally hit. I hear an impressive amount of diversity on this relatively brief album. Much of it aligns itself with an indie alt-folk style, but Eduardo isn’t afraid of dialing up the instrumental intensity at select points during the release. The majority of the album, however, leans on a talent for crafting memorably idiosyncratic melodies that I believe sets Eduardo apart from many peers and contemporaries.

I felt deeply drawn to this release based on its opener alone. “And So…” has a slightly staggered melody with unusual movement, but nevertheless insinuates itself into your consciousness. He achieves a crisp drum sound over these nine songs, and it aids him in setting an authoritative tone for the tracks. He has a laid-back vocal demeanor that I find more appealing with new listeners. It’s especially potent here. “Time Machine”, however, stretches in a different direction. Rambunctious electric guitar riffing serves as the song’s focal point and turns listeners’ heads, but juxtaposing it with a chiming musical character during the verses helps make the song.

The recurring guitar flourishes strewn throughout “Spaceship” enhances the song’s dream-like waft. I enjoy, as well, how Eduardo’s matter-of-fact vocal style contrasts with the arrangement’s languid evolution. The drumming, once again, tethers the song to earth and gives it a more definite shape. “Sunrise”, however, moves in the opposite direction. Fueled by two primary elements, Eduardo’s voice and acoustic guitar, he fills the song out with low-key electrified embellishments that enhance its appeal. Eduardo chose it as the album’s first single and it provides an excellent introduction to the collection.

“Love Elation” continues the acoustic theme and focuses even more on that low-key approach. Fluid and inventive bass playing, however, supports the six-string playing and gives the cut an unique feel further enhanced by Eduardo’s vocals. It’s one of his most nuanced singing performances. The shuffle-like attributes of “Trip Around the Sun” pairs well with the quasi-psychedelic alt-folk of the arrangement and Eduardo’s effects-heavy singing is quite complementary for the tune. The insistent quality of the song’s chorus acts almost like a mantra for me.

The finale “Unknown Melody” concludes Cruising a Melody on the same easy-going note characterizing much of the release. I believe Eduardo has a skillful capacity for concocting unusual melodies that are, nonetheless, recognizable. There’s nothing alien about this release. His construction of each melody, however, has a personalized touch that’s fresh and accessible.

He has a slender discography as a solo performer but releases such as this will further burnish his growing reputation and catapult him to a new level of notoriety. Eduardo persevered to make this release a reality and, when you hear Cruising A Melody, you’ll be grateful that he did. Each of its nine songs are standout moments and his lack of filler sets him apart from a bevy of otherwise talented peers. 

Mindy McCall



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