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Dizzy Box Nine is back with their new record, Pop Fantasy

Dizzy Box Nine is back with their new record, Pop Fantasy. Every song has something substantial to offer—from the dynamic musical components, to the pleasing vocals, to the insightful and intriguing lyrics. Pop Fantasy is a collection of 13 crafty tunes that should impress most listeners.

Dizzy Box Nine offers an array of sounds—from industrial, to radio-pop, to pop-punk, and even elements of narrative folk. The album opener, “Anytime, Anyplace” wastes no time as it quickly sets the stage for this exciting record with its infectious and inspiring guitar grooves. “Yesterday” is a punk rock take on forgetting regret, and taking risks. This song is done so well, you hardly notice when it’s over—it’s effortless and seamless.

The production on this album is intentionally low-key and slightly gritty, which helps Dizzy Box Nine achieve valuable elements of their signature sound. At the end of the day, you can envision Randy and his guitar, playing these tunes in the backyard on a summer day. It’s not overproduced, and still sounds crystal-clear. “Forever in My Dreams” is a great example of the strength of Randy’s songwriting. It’s a story about hope, and progress, despite being in a challenging relationship with someone you care deeply about. There’s a memorable guitar solo included, along with a cool ending that I don’t want to spoil. Another one of my favorites is the fast-paced tune “Lost and Found.” There’s a nice beat driving this song, which is complemented by some great guitar work, and lyrics which are full of important, yet slightly ironic advice, for those who chose to listen. Another standout is the enormously satisfying “Maybe,” which makes you feel like your 17 again, yet, with well-traveled eyes.


Randy is always giving off positive vibes, and it’s hard not to get attracted to these songs once you’ve heard them. They even do a couple of satisfying covers on this record. Both are good. Dizzy Box Nine keeps it simple with their approach, but that’s how they operate—never overdoing something that doesn’t need to be overdone—they just seem to find ways to do it right. For instance, with Just Like Heaven, they find ways to pay respects to the original version, while adding a few minor touches to make it their own.

Ultimately, Dizzy Box Nine has created an impressive 13-song album. There’s something here for everyone—even rap lovers should find a lot to like with this release. With Pop Fantasy, Dizzy Box Nine shows they have what it takes to make a mark in this industry.

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