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Babylon A.D. Frontman Derek Davis Talks New Solo Album “Resonator Blues”

You may know Derek Davis as the incredible vocalist from the iconic hard rock outfit, Babylon A.D. With hit albums and videos to his credit, Derek is embarking on an ambitious new musical journey into the blues and rootsy americana music. His latest album, “Resonator Blues” is set for release on June 1st, and Derek took time from his busy schedule to talk about the album and his music career….

INDIE PULSE MUSIC: Thanks for taking the time, Derek.  Please tell us about your latest album, “Resonator Blues.”

DEREK DAVIS: It’s a Blues fused, Southern Rock, Americana, Folk, Hillbilly Country type musical journey. ..With some great story telling, filled with gritty vox, wicked slide and blistering harmonica riffs.

IPM: Your current single, “Mississippi Mud” has done very well on the iTunes singles chart, and is even crossing over on the country radio charts. What do you attribute that to?

DD: Number 1, it’s a great song with a really cool memorable hook and story telling, Number 2, I have a great publicist (Michael Stover of MTS Management Group), number 3, Luck! I’ve never had a number 1 song so it’s pretty exciting!

IPM: If there was one band that you would have loved to be in, aside from your current situation, what band would that be, and why?

DD: The Beatles, The most creative band that’s ever hit the planet. Trend setting, ground breaking; the talent in that band will never be matched. So yes, I would have liked to play with those chaps, I could be the stand in 5th Beatle.

IPM: How did your love of the blues develop over the years?  What Bands/artists would your fans be surprised to know that you like listening to?

DD: I really started to get into the blues late in my career, alto I grew up loving old school 60s, 70s soul, and I found myself transitioning over into liking the old delta blues slide guitar players like Son House, Elmore James, and Muddy Waters. I just really dug their vocals and guitar playing and I began playing slide more often, not that I’m any good at it, but I have fun trying. I’ve been playing guitar since I was 15, so its always fun stepping out of the box.

IPM: How is the music scene in Oakland, CA?  Any live shows coming up for You?

DD: There’s not too big of a scene here anymore…live music is not what it once was. But I have dates filled in up to December with my band and a few solo shows thrown in.

IPM: Any touring plans?  Where would you most like to perform?

DD: Touring is sometimes hard because Its a lot of work and away from home, I prefer great weekend getaway shows, Not that I would pass up a a tour with the Stones Ha !Ha!

IPM: What has been the highlight of your music career so far?

DD: Like any young man’s musical dream, it has to be getting my first record deal. Being personally signed by Clive Davis was my goal, and it happened, so that’s always gonna be the highlight that put me on the musical ride.

IPM: What advice would you have to offer a young musician, just getting started in the business?

DD: Just follow your heart and passion. Be who you are and don’t let anyone try and change you.

IPM: Any plans for a follow up album to “Resonator Blues,” and if so, when do you think you’ll have that ready?

DD: Well “Resonator Blues” has just come out so I’ll be busy promoting that for a while, but I already a have a couple albums’ worth of material recorded. I’m always writing, and in my studio is where I find my inner peace, I love the creative process of making a record, and it’s a big reason for keeping my career going.

IPM: Thanks for taking the time.  Good luck, Derek!

DD: Thank you very much!



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