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“Fossil” (single-video) by electronica experimentalist Sonarpilot

In his latest single and music video, “Fossil,” electronica experimentalist Sonarpilot delivers a fantastically gripping visual and audiological experience that is likely to even have the most novice of avant-garde fans talking this July. Sonarpilot broaches the complicated task of putting emotion into a wordless, ten and a half minute-long epic in “Fossil” with a conservative attitude, putting the power of rich tonality above everything else in his mixing scheme. His efforts to eliminate as much fat from the sonic ethers while preserving the punch of the percussion is noble, and right now, making for some of the most interesting electronica of the year to date.

Official Website: https://www.themirageproject.com/

Nothing in this track, nor its companion video, is particularly noise-laden or indebted to the works of Merzbow, but at the same time, I would be lying if I said that I didn’t pick up on a deeper affinity for the textures of a more abrasive electronic music in “Fossil.”

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Fossil-Sonarpilot/dp/B089DR5RKD

There’s a strange collage feel to the general layout of the beats and their adjoining melodies, and while nothing ever extends into the guttural depths of something less than accessible to the occasional avant-garde listener. This is smart indie music no matter how you look at it, which can’t be said for most material in the vein of Sonarpilot’s.

After more than a decade in the game, it’s more than clear that the artist we collectively know as Sonarpilot isn’t running out of fresh ideas at all – on the contrary, he’s exploring some really intriguing new waters in “Fossil” and giving us reason to believe in his brand. “Fossil” is not for everyone – it’s ambient and exotic in ways that some audiences will find too cerebral to contend with – but for those whom it was truly made for, it’s a wonderful listen on all fronts.

 Mindy McCall



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