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“Love is Free: The Writer’s Tale” by David Arn

“Love is Free: The Writer’s Tale,” from the September release – Traveler Tales, by David Arn, is the most current single from this epic release. The album was mastered at Abbey Road Studios and already has so much to be said about as videos rapidly get released, but each has their own story to tell and even some have different singers. If you pick up here you can always go back, and if you are just coming in you can expect another well told story and brilliantly produced video. Either way there is a whole lot to enjoy about David Arn.

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The sound and lyrical style of Arn reminds of everyone from David Cohen to Robbie Robertson, so it was easy to warm up to every song on Traveler Tales. And once it gets to “Love Is Free: The Writer’s Tale” it has the well-read and heard result it is intended to have without even hearing it twice. But that does not mean you will not long to hear it again and again, which I did, and this new single is a highlight moment on the album, along with some guest vocalist appearances worth recommending. All involved deserve top marks.

The music of Arn has been heard at NPR stations, BBC Radio, and on Delta Airlines commercial flights, so the familiarity of his voice is no fluke because you may have heard it and I wouldn’t be surprised if I haven’t. “Love Is free: The Writer’s Tale” introduced me to a great album and because of that I found a truly magnificent singer and songwriter with so much more to offer the masses for an indie artist. David Arn has a number-of music videos, some of them well received and some even earning accolades, and they are all high-quality independent productions.

“Love Is Free: The Writer’s Tale” is about not splitting the cost of love and letting getting along the balance call the shots. You can slice it any way you want, but without freedom there is no love, and that is the point Arn makes no secret of here.  But it also follows in succession with other tales, making the case for the video’s role in it, which is where I found out about just how much video material David Arn has released to date. It only makes sense the put the video into the bigger picture, because they are actually-all a must see and hear together.

David Arn reminds me of what the 70s and 80s were so good for, but he goes beyond that of the yacht rock variety so many have fallen into the trending category of. The sheer talent of songwriting alone is not all there is to Arn, as he surrounds himself with fine instrumentalists. His lead vocals are featured on this track, but he shares that position with others on Traveler Tales, and that is why it is not only “Love Is Free: The Writer’s Tale” that impressed me about an artist with one of the finest outputs I have yet to hear in 2020.

Mindy McCall

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