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Album Review: Versal “Versal Volume 2”

The wildly expressive melodies which are presented by Versal are on display once again with Versal Volume 2, an eight-track collection of intricate instrumentation across dynamic melodies which appeal to any mood. Versal is the result of composer Javier Velez, and his dedication to expanding on his grand piano performances, by incorporating synth samples and melodies to his musical ideas. By contrasting the melodic and harmonic approach from track to track, Versal is able to capture the imagination of any audience, as each piece offers majestic imagery and musical concepts befitting the nature of the track. Each track is approached from a different genre root, then ceremoniously expanded to include many divergent ideologies and abstractions to fill the listening space with reverence and bewilderment, take for example “Your Eyes” which is reminiscent of fifties rockabilly and soda house pop, while “Pencil Strokes” is an expansive EDM number that throws every instrument under the sun in this dynamic melody. By contrast, “The Guardians of Montserrat”, and “Kind of Pink” take a classical, movie score approach to deliver very intense rhythmic sequences and harmonic structure which builds tension throughout the piece. The strong use of Brass instruments on these tracks presents power and aggression which is nicely complemented by the rest of the album.

Versal Volume 2 is full of interesting movements, and concepts which makes this a perfect fit for any listener looking for relaxation, or meditative accompaniment to their daily grind. The piano performance as the base of each track is simply superlative, however, the effective way Javier Velez adds each new sound to augment his playing and the dynamic rhythms employed make this project masterful, expansive, and highly professional. As listeners get lost in the subtleties each piece presents, it becomes hard to believe this project was accomplished in a home studio, as the production on Versal Volume 2 is extremely professional and mature, with a major studio finish. As each piece is instrumental, licensing these tracks to film would be a perfect complement. Versal Volume 2 is a very enjoyable album that entertains the audience yet challenges them with the sheer complexity each track offers.

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–Lee Callaghan



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